The brand

Artipel Portuguese Cork is a fashion accessories brand for women and office products made of cork that combines design, quality and sustainability. Artipel Portuguese Cork has clients all over the world and it has been growing because of its quality, design and sustainability. Artipel’s collections are composed by a great variety of office, travel or day-to-day products, in addition to fashion accessories for the most elegant and festive occasions.

CORTIÇA - Logical choice

Cork is the bark of the cork oak, a noble tree with very special characteristics and that grows in the Mediterranean regions mainly in Portugal, where there are more than 720 000 hectares of cork oak. Its bark is extracted, providing a versatile plant fiber that can be used in numerous objects, while in the forest the tree renews another cycle of 9 years after which it can be peeled again. But it is, above all, a hundred percent natural material.